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Steve Hamaker was born in Flint, Michigan, and currently resides in Columbus, Ohio where he attended the Columbus College of Art & Design from 1993 until graduating with a  BFA in 1997.

From 1997 until 2000, he worked for a small action figure design company called Resaurus designing and prototyping action figures for Duke Nukem, Quake, Street Fighter, and Bone.

From 2000 until March of 2012, Steve worked at Cartoon Books designing action figures and more notably as the colorist for Jeff Smith’s graphic novels: Bone(Scholastic), RASL, and Shazam(DC Comics).

Nominated several times for both Harvey and Eisner Awards for his color work from 2006 through 2014.  In 2014 Steve won an Eisner Award for his coloring work on RASL.  Currently he works as a freelance colorist for the ongoing online comic series, Table Titans.  Other projects include: SiP Kids and Mylo Xyloto.

Steve self-publishes the online graphic novel, PLOX.  Additionally he created an original comic story for the anthology series Explorer (published by Abrams).

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